About Us

    About usAt Extreme Lights we make bicycle lights and have been living up to our “Light up your Adventures” motto since day one.

    Back in 2007, before led bicycle lights, we started making our own bicycle lights We combined halogen downlights, motorbike batteries and a piece of PVC piping, and the first Extreme Light was born.  Though perhaps it was more extreme in its danger to the user than it was in terms of performance! Fortunately LED and Lithium Ion battery technology has progressed rapidly since those early days and the current generation of Extreme Lights bicycle lights shares but the aim of lighting up adventures with the early models.

    Since those formative days Extreme Lights has outgrown itself as a small local company, to an award winning international brand recognized all over the world.

    What We Do

    Extreme Lights aim to Light up your Adventures. We’re outdoors people ourselves and each product is designed to extend the time you can spend living in and loving Mother Nature.

    Our Products

    Each product is designed to meet a need encountered on our own adventures. Our philosophy is to create products good enough for ourselves and by extension our most adventurous customers. For each of our products, we ask ourselves the following:

    Is it functional?

    Each product is designed to supersede the parameters of its basic function.

    Is it multifunctional?

    We strive to combine functions so that you only need one Extreme Lights product to meet most of your adventure lighting needs. Owning fewer products means less clutter in your life and a smaller impact on the environment during the manufacturing process.

    Is it durable?

    The light casings are sturdily constructed to withstand years of hard use, and when the adventures eventually start to take their toll the modular construction of our lights means that you can replace the worn our component without having to purchase an entire new light, battery and charger combination.

    Is it easy to use?

    No advanced degrees in rocket science needed to install or operate our lights, maximising time on the trails – not time spent fiddling in the garage.  

    Our approach to people

    We believe in treating everyone the way we want to be treated.

    We deal directly with all queries, and whenever you email Extreme Lights you will speak directly to a knowledgeable member of our team – who shares your passion for adventure and appreciates the speed at which your query should be answered.

    Share Your Adventures

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